Jam Jar count-up and celebration

A great time was had by all at our pancake celebration held on Sunday February 12th!

More about the event – which combined church worship seamlessly with pancake fun and penny counting (more churches should try this!) – is on the St Michael’s Church website – including photos of the Great Penny Count, some impressive pancake tossing, and a pancake that would have won Best in Show for most enterprising pancake, had there been such a prize!

New Grand Total

The new total, after a diligent counting session was……. £1391.

The search is on for some more jars hiding around Caldecote that might bring the total up to £1400!

Carry on Counting…

Some Highfields and Caldecote residents have asked to continue collecting on behalf of The Friends, and we are of course delighted. If you’d like to carry on collecting, we’ll be very happy to carry on counting! Just give Sheila Stephenson a call on 01954 210638 any time you’d like your full jar to be swapped for an empty one.