About Us

The kissing gate leading into the churchyard

Who are The Friends of Caldecote Church?

We’re a group of people with a shared interest and enthusiasm: to see the oldest building in Caldecote brought back to its best.

Our beautiful and characterful church is held in great affection by many local people, but it’s a sad sight to see the plaster peeling off the walls and the stained glass windows in need of repair.

Village ‘anchor’

By its place, its age and its service our village church anchors our village.  The church of St Michael & All Angels nestles at the foot of Main Street.  We pass north to get to our modern homes, but it is here to our old church that we come at Christmas, at Easter, for christenings, to marry, to worship and to mourn.

A little history…

For over 900 years the church has been part of village life.  So we inherit a responsibility for this church from all villagers before us, back to those in 1092 and before who paid tithes to the canon appointed by William the Conqueror’s knight Pycot, Lord of Bourn and Madingley. By the 1300s the villagers through their tithes had developed a chapel into a church with a tower, with bells and a nave. Through Victoria’s reign we rebuilt the tower, the nave and the chancel.

The church today

So what is to become of Caldecote Church now? Rot, damp and decay have been quietly taking their toll.  If we don’t counter them, we stand to lose this important anchor for village life.  So we are suggesting that all friends of Caldecote Church join together to stop the rot – and bring our church to a comfortable state as soon as possible.

We will try every avenue to raise the money needed
– and enjoy ourselves along the way!

The church viewed from the grounds of the Old Vicarage