July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

After six long weeks of campaigning, the General Election is underway as I write this morning. Whatever your political persuasion, today is an important day because it gives us all the opportunity to ‘have our say’ in the way our Nation is governed. We are blessed in this country to have the opportunity to participate in elections without fear, and in the knowledge we are free to vote for whomever we please. Many countries around the world do not give their citizens this opportunity; many face violence, intimidation and recriminations. Many are denied the opportunity at all. Voting has not always been a universal right in this country. My great Grandmother fought for the right for women to vote, and alongside her fellow suffragettes, she was willing to suffer for this right. She was imprisoned several times and was force fed. But she never gave up. Likewise, working men fought for the right to vote, which was a privilege granted only to male property holders over a certain age before the twentieth century. The universal right to vote for all men over 18 and for all women over 30 was achieved in 1918 – incredibly only just over 100 years ago. Many of those who fought for our right to vote were dedicated and faithful Christians. Today, many Christians carry forward their belief that all people are equal in God’s sight: equally loved; each uniquely made in God’s image. God looks deeply into our hearts and is pleased when He finds love, kindness, compassion and integrity there. Doing the best we can for others each day and our love for others is expressed in the way we treat others, and in this way we are following in Jesus’s footsteps. I have a deep conviction that Jesus’s way – the way of love, mercy, compassion and kindness – is the best way we can express our faith in action. I want to live in a society where, like Jesus, people prioritise the care of others, especially those in need of help, and where people’s wellbeing is always a key priority.

God Bless,


Clare Coates,
Lead Minister for Caldecote with Childerley, Dry Drayton and Hardwick



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Services in July and August

Sunday 7 July
11:00am Holy Communion, with Revd Clare. All welcome.

Sunday 14 July
11:00am Morning Prayer in the Church, with Stephen Coates. All welcome.

Sunday 21 July
No service

Please note: Revd Clare is on holiday from 22 July to 4 August, and back to work on Monday 5 August.

Sunday 4 August
11:00am Holy Communion with Revd Charles Fraser. All welcome.

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