An update on our Plan for the Future

We’ve reach 65% of our target set for the financial future of Caldecote Church. Can you help us achieve the final 35%?

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the booklet included in the last issue of the Caldecote Journal by setting up a direct debit to help us guarantee the future of our parish church.

As I write, we have just had two wonderful weddings and a christening in the church, a reminder of what an important venue it is for the community to mark the key moments in our lives.

In the booklet I reported that we had already reached 40% of our target of an additional annual income of £7,000. And I’m delighted to say that the figure is now 65%.

The total is made up from a realistic projection of income from fundraising, Sunday collections, Gift Aid reclaimed on donations, and – importantly – regular (direct debit) donations.

We have made real progress in our direct debit targets. Regular donations now account for an additional £3,000 a year since we launched the plan:

We still have 35% of our target annual increase of £7,000 to achieve, but just ten more people setting up a direct debit could make the difference. Set up a direct debit to turn one of the figures green and help us towards our annual target.

To join us in putting our parish church on a sound financial footing for the future, please contact Dona McCullagh ( or 07761 236 998) for a direct debit form or click ‘Give’ in the menu on this website.

The church was established over 900 years ago, and if we are successful we could keep it on the map for generations to come.

How is the church funded? Where does the money go? Read the answers to your questions here.