A new service this Sunday

We are starting a new service of Morning Prayer (the contemporary setting, from Common Worship) on fourth Sundays of the month, starting this Sunday (23rd April), which is being led by Ruth Bond. If you’d like to ‘read ahead’, here are our two Bible readings for the service:

Acts 2:14a, 22-32
John 20:19-end

Have a read and a think over a cup of tea – and you’ll find you’re able to get more from them when they are read in church.

The morning prayer service also gives us the opportunity to read a psalm together.  Since we don’t read the Psalms very often, and they can be difficult to get a handle on if you’re not familiar with them, we’ve put together a handout with the text of the psalm and accompanying introductory notes, which you are welcome to download here.

The notes are courtesy (with a few adaptations) of the Revd Dr Philip Jenson, who is an expert on the Psalms and will be taking our service next week.

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