APCM report: Communications

From a new logo, new-look e-newsletter to expanded website and a mobile phone app, it’s been a busy year improving our communications!

Report on Parish Communications

Our communications activities have continued to grow and evolve over the past year:

  • The website: new resources have been added to the website, including a new Guide to the Book of Common Prayer, following the recent Lent Challenge series.
  • The Caldecote Catch-up: The weekly e-newsletter continues to be well received both within and beyond our parish, and we now have 86 subscribers.
  • The Caldecote Church Mobile App: On Christmas Day we launched a new mobile app for phones and tablets, in collaboration with Piota, a software company who agreed to give the app to us for free as a way to trial it in a church context. The app worked well to start with, but hit a technical problem a couple of months ago which has meant that we have had to temporarily stop using it until the technicians can find a solution.
  • New logo: This year we also launched a new logo, which has been used in a variety of settings and is now becoming familiar within and outside the church.
  • The Friends of Caldecote Church newsletter: In December we took the decision to amalgamate this e-newsletter with the Caldecote Catch-up, since the two newsletters contained overlapping content. Those who previously received the Friends enewsletter now receive special editions of the Caldecote Catch-up, sent out seasonally and as appropriate. For these special editions, about 114 people in total receive the email.
  • The Friends of Caldecote Church website: A similar decision has been taken to put Friends news on the main website, rather than trying to maintain two separate sites. Although the old website has not yet been removed, it is no longer being kept up-to-date – all news is on the main website at www.caldecotechurch.org.uk.
  • Village communications: we have continued to include regular pieces in the village magazine, the Caldecote Journal, and to have Easter and Christmas cards delivered with the Journal to 700 houses in the parish.