Joining the Parish Giving Scheme

Caldecote’s PCC heard in the autumn about the Parish Giving Scheme, a national charitable organisation that gives Church of England church members all over the country the opportunity to give regular donations to their local parish church using direct debit.

As a PCC we followed we invited Becky Fanning, who has been helping parishes across the diocese join the scheme, to Caldecote to tell us more about it in February this year.

Having looked at the scheme, we are convinced that it’s a good thing for everyone – it’s simpler than Standing Orders or the envelope scheme from both the donor’s point of view and the Treasurer’s.

We’re aiming to be signed up to the scheme as soon as it is made available, in September this year.  Don’t worry – if you still prefer to give via another means, that’s absolutely fine – there’s nothing obligatory about it.  It’s freely available for you to take up if and when you think it will work for you.  Use the contact form below to let us know you might be interested.

The scheme is free of any charges, both to the donor and to the parish. Here’s an overview of the main points.

Donors can:

  • choose to donate monthly, quarterly or annually
  • give anonymously if they wish
  • easily change the amount they give
  • request their gift to be index-linked so that it stays in step with inflation
  • Gift Aid their gifts (if eligible)

How it will benefit Caldecote Church:

  • less admin for our treasurer, Simon Gautrey
  • a reduction in the amount of cash needing to be handled and transported
  • easier to have donations keeping up with the increase in our outgoings
  • Gift Aid will be reclaimed on our behalf (less admin) and deposited by HMRC into the church account within days instead of months (better cashflow)

What happens to your regular gift

Your gift – and Gift Aid (if applicable) – is ready to be put to good use within days of it leaving your account:

The Parish Giving Scheme timetableTell us now if you’re interested

If you’re interested in finding out more and possibly signing up to give by direct debit, drop us a note using the contact form below to say you’re interested.  When the scheme is ready to go live in the summer, we’ll email you to let you know how you can join it (without any obligation to follow through).

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