A new way to observe Lent

If you’re looking to do something different this Lent, this is for you. It’s a wonderful way to observe Lent and make a difference to your community at the same time.This year some of us are signing up for the 40acts global initiative, which encourages people to ‘do Lent generously’.  It’s been running now for six years but this is the first year we’ve got involved at Caldecote Church.

Sign up at www.40acts.org.uk and you’ll get one email each day of Lent with:

  • The challenge for the day
  • Three different suggestions for ways you might complete the challenge
  • A Bible-based blog article to help you reflect on the day’s task.

Watch this short video to hear how a simple act of generosity made a difference:

Want to know  a bit more before signing up?

The 40acts website has great pages of information and FAQs, plus a blog with very helpful articles.  Here’s an extract from the blog:

If you skip a day or miss out, there’s no need to worry.  If you don’t complete all 40 acts you haven’t failed – some people take inspiration from the acts into the weeks beyond 40acts, and some people grab hold of one act idea and run with it.  For example, in a previous year, one 40acts challenger, Kirsty, enjoyed and felt the impact from a thank-you letter writing challenge so much that she committed to writing letters to 40 different people to bless and encourage them.  The acts are there to be interpreted as you like.

Read the full article here

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