Pennies roll nearer the £2,500 target

When our Every Penny Counts campaign began six years ago, we hoped to raise a couple of hundred pounds.  Thanks to a collection over the Open Gardens weekend of £40.15, we are now within touching distance of an incredible £2,500!

The scheme owes its success to the energy and optimism of Sheila Stephenson, and the volunteer hours of a number of faithful penny counters over the years, and really does show what you can achieve with a simple idea and commitment.

How you can help us reach that target

We now have a number of ready-to-go labelled jam jars and if you’d like to get involved by having one in your house to occasionally relieve your purse or pockets of heavy coppers, we would be delighted to pass one on to you!

Just call on Sheila at 1 Porthmore Close, Highfields Caldecote, or contact the Churchwarden Dona McCullagh through the contact form on this website.

A trip down memory lane

The children are now bigger, and so is our Grand Total!

With recent collections – including the Open Gardens drive – counted – we’re now up to £2474.30 … within £26 of our £2,500 target.

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