The Caldecote Lent Challenge

This Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) sees the first day of the Caldecote Lent Challenge. Despite the name, you don’t need to be part of the local Caldecote community to join in, and it’s not too much of a challenge!

Launched in the same week as the first of our new Book of Common Prayer services, the Lent Challenge is a free email that will appear in your inbox each morning. It offers a friendly way in to the BCP Morning Prayer service, which can be hard to grasp if you’re new to the traditional language, and easy to miss the meaning if you’ve grown up with it.

It’s designed to offer you something to do during the 40 days of Lent that can fit in with the time you have available, and there’s no test at the end, so if you miss days … that’s absolutely fine!

Whether you have 5 minutes or half an hour, this is a chance to experience what may be familiar with new eyes and ears, or to allow God to speak through unfamiliar words.

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Each email contains three regular pick ‘n’ mix features:

  1. Today’s Spotlight: this is a short bit of info on one aspect of the Morning Prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer. So if you don’t know your Te Deum from your Benedictus, this offers a great introduction, one theme per day.
  2. The Challenge: depending on the time you have, choose either the 5 minute or the 15 minute challenge. Each one will help you use a small section of the service to pray and start off your day.
  3. Lent Extras: each day there’s an optional ‘Word of the Day’ which gives a thumbnail definition of one of the more obscure words in the liturgy, and ‘Music of the Day’ – a link to hear a piece of music inspired by the texts found in the morning prayer service, including some real gems from around the world.

The Caldecote Lent Challenge is totally free – and not just free of cost; it’s free of pressure too – use it at a level that works for you.

Sign up today by clicking the link below. The first email will arrive Wednesday morning but if you sign up later and want to see the emails you missed, just drop me a note.

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I hope you enjoy our journey through Lent!
With best wishes,

Dona McCullagh
(Churchwarden of Caldecote Church)

PS Why not send this webpage to a friend? Anyone can sign up to the Lent series and email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending out the Lent emails – recipients won’t hear from us again unless they choose to. Copy and paste this web address into an email to send to a friend: